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Šveices iela 13, LV-2150, Sigulda

tel: +371 67973813,

+371 29185351


fax: +371 67972006



Izklaides nobraucieni ar "vučko"

Bobsleja un kamaniņu trasē "Sigulda" sākot ar  2019.gada 2.novembri, katru nedēļas nogali no plkst.12:00 - 17:00 būs pieejami izklaides nobraucieni ar "vučko". Esiet laipni gaidīti! ...
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Jauna e-pasta adrese!

Informējam, ka SIA "Bobsleja un kamaniņu trasei "Sigulda"" no 2019. gada 20. augusta mainījusies e-pasta adrese. Jaunā e-pasta adrese ir ...
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Rides with summer bob

We are informing that 28 and 29 september 2019 are last days when summer bob rides are available. Until then you are welcome every saturday and sunday from 12:00 to 17:00. ...
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Working time 23 and 24 june

23.06.2019 and 24.06.2019 Bobsleigh and luge track "Sigulda" rides with summer bob will not be available. Available only track sightseeing between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Sorry for inconvenience and we wish You happy summer solstice! ...
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Izklaides nobraucieni ar vasaras bobu

Bobsleja un kamaniņu trasē "Sigulda" sākot ar  2019.gada 27.aprīli, katru nedēļas nogali (sestdien un svētdien) no plkst.12:00 - 17:00  pieejami izklaides nobraucieni ar "vasaras bobu". Esiet laipni gaidīti! ...
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