Summer bob

During the spring-summer season, we invite you to experience a positive, emotional and exciting descent on our bobsled summer sleigh on wheels. The descent takes place under the control of an experienced pilot in the concrete chute of the Bobsleigh and luge track “Sigulda”.


Track length: 1,200 m men's start, 1,000 m women's start. Elevation difference: 111.5 m men's start, 100 m women's start. Gradient: 9.3% from men's start. The total number of turns: 16. Starting positions: 4. Maximum speed: 120 km/h (men's start)

Šveices iela 13, LV-2150, Sigulda

cell: +371 25479108,



Sporta bāzes saimnieciskā darbība tiek
līdzfinansēta no valsts budžeta līdzekļiem.


Entertainment rides

29th and 30th September 2018 are the last days, when it is possible to ride with summer bob. The rides with soft bob will start November 3, 4 and each Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. till 5 p.m. ...
2018.09.07 5767

Working time 23 and 24 june

23.06.2018 and 24.06.2018 Bobsleigh and luge track "Sigulda" rides with summer bob will not be available. Sorry for inconvenience and we wish You happy summer solstice! ...
2018.06.10 5280

Nobraucieni ar "vasaras bobu"

Bobsleja un kamaniņu trasē "Sigulda" izklaides nobraucieni ar "vasaras bobu" būs pieejami piektdien, 4.maijā no plkst.12:00 līdz 17:00.    ...
2018.04.18 4855

Izklaides nobraucieni ar vasaras bobu

Bobsleja un kamaniņu trasē "Sigulda" sākot ar 2018.gada 28.aprīli, katru nedēļas nogali no plkst.12:00 - 17:00 būs pieejami izklaides nobraucieni ar "vasaras bobu". Esat laipni gaidīti!     ...
2018.04.11 4629

Ledus sezonas noslēgums.

Bobsleja un kamaniņu trasē "Sigulda" ledus sezona noslēgsies 25.03.2018. 24. un 25.marts ir pēdējās dienas, kad vēl var paspēt izbaudīt izklaides braucienus ar "vučko". Esat laipni gaidīti no ...
2018.03.13 5268
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